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    Conflict Manager Training

    Posted by Hallie Funk at 1/7/2011

    Harjit Johl – Tierra Buena School Counselor
    Conflict Management Advisor

    Conflict Manager Training

    Conflict Management is a form of problem-solving used as an alternative to physical fights and/or other victimizing situations such as verbal abuse and harassment (bullying), which are common among sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Conflict Managers act as mediators between students in conflict. They help them to understand underlying causes for their disagreement as well as to help to work out a mutually agreeable solution to the conflict. Conflict Managers are asked to serve in this capacity when the need arises during recesses, lunch breaks, and possibly during a class period.

    A training for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Conflict Managers will be held here at Tierra Buena school annually. Conflict Managers from Tierra Buena school will take part in the training along with Ms. Johl (Tierra Buena School Counselor/Conflict Management Advisor). During the training, information will be presented on communication skills, rumor control, problem identification, diffusion of anger, active listening, assertiveness, perception, and Conflict Manager duties and responsibilities. The training serves as a wonderful opportunity for students to become acquainted with the Conflict Management process while gaining some valuable insight from the experiences that the High School Conflict Managers are able to share.